10 Ways to make you look younger


1) Avoid heat styling

Whether you are using a flat iron, curling iron or a hair dryer, it can cause damage to the hair. This can make your hair look very dull and unhealthy. To maintain youthful hair, make sure the hair has bounce and shine.

Tip: Try the wet bun, air dry or use dry shampoo. Go 2-3 days-a –week without heat styling

SK20_15_pack-shot2) Use SPF based lotion daily

Wearing sunscreen every day not only protects your skin against cancer, but it is also an anti-aging arsenal. Studies shows that those who apply SPF 3-4 days a week, are less likely to suffer from skin aging.

Tip: Dermatologists recommend SPF 30 as a standard.

 125d4bb53bde6df8e6cc1069599072223) Paint your nails

This may come as a surprise but your hand is more likely to reveal your age than your face. Polishing your nails will distract others from noticing your imperfections.

Tip: Use nail polishes that are rich in colour such as reds and purples. However, make sure it is not too intense.

2b7acf13ab4e90130c169dbb97ce65724) Try the bangs

A nice side-swept bangs will help you hide the wrinkles and it will also update your style.

Tip: Get a stylist to cut your bangs!

8ae72af08695cbb9ab1d86ea76818a765) Let it loose

Pulling back your hair really tight will emphasis the flaws on your face.

Tip: Leave your hair out. Try the beach wave look.

79c9308e5c6cc140c921f9675817eca56) Mix it up

Who ever said you should be matchy-matchy has it wrong. Mix it up to add flavor to your style.

Tip: Try messy hair with plain jacket or flats with a fancy dress. Do prints with stripes.

0cda0a761e0513d3a2a09f7204a1a2277) Avoid powder

Avoid using powder on a regular basis. Powder makeup can make your skin look old. It can also dry your skin very fast. A dewy look is more flattering.

Tip: Try switching to a tinted moisturizer with luminizing effect.

ft_92db484fccae15fee9ce87bd5537e87e8) Use Primer

Applying makeup directly on to your eyelids will settle into crevices. This would make them look like wrinkles.

Tip: Use eye primer to fill in the creases. This will give smooth, long-lasting application.

10eyetips-119) Lighten dark circles

Dark circles under your eyes are not attractive. It can make you look tired and old. However, don’t waste your money on miracle products for under eyes.

Tip: Use a creamy concealer to lighten your under eyes.

8fa6e30ee44e8b624d40f6fdf9df4ec210) Smile a lot

Happy heart makes a happy face!

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