Spa Getaway for the Weekend

The Winter season can be dreadful and sometimes, all you need is a relaxing weekend. Leave the comfort of your own home and escape to the spa for a day. It can be rejuvenating and fun. Whether you want to be surrounded by flowers or enjoying the opulent mansions, Priminmypumps, have rounded up the very loveliest spa for you.

Calcot Spa Hotel Cotsworlds (Gloucestershire, UK)

It is quiet and calm with an uplifting spa aroma that will definitely get you relaxing. The spa, located in a farm buildings, has an indoor pool, treatment rooms, lounge and lavender-surrounded outdoor hot tub that overlooks an open wood fire. They offer anything from massages, facials, body polishing, reflexology, waxing, and make-up applications.

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Jiva Spa -Taj Hotel (Mumbai, India)

For more than a century The Taj Palace  has inspired an impassioned. Jiva Spa is a three-tiered tower block getaway with nature’s charm. Treatment at Jiva Spa includes rejuvenation treatments, aromatherapy, body scrubs and wraps that will leave you refreshed. Of course, there is an Ayurveda room.






The Pierre Hoteljivaspa1_priminmypumps

Spa My Blend By Clarin (Paris, France)

When you are in Paris and you want to get your ‘fresh face’ on, head over to Spa My Blend By Clarin at  Le Royal Monceau. You can spend your entire your day at in the white-tiled sauna, or at the Turkish-style plunge pool. Fall asleep while you have your facial on a heated treatment bed. The Clarins also offers several daylong detox packages, including the Royal Detox, which begins with breakfast in the Michelin-starred La Cuisine restaurant and is followed by an hour long private yoga class, and  a deep-tissue massage.

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Spa at Nita Lake Lodge (British Columbia, Canada)

‘Relax and revive body, mind and soul.’ That is the mantra of this beautiful spa located in the beautiful city of Whistler. Situated around the lake, Nita Lake lodge would be your natural choice for your wellness retreat. The Spa offers  hot stone massage, a rejuvenating body scrub, or their signature Kundalini treatment. They also offer Loka Yoga, Basecamp Fitness as well as naturopathic service.

















43 The Spa (Barcelona, Spain)

If you are a beach lover and an urban explorer, this is the perfect spa for you. Located at the Hotel Arts Barcelona, the spa offer an oasis of calm and spiritual wellbeing. Their signature treatment, Sublime Diamond Journey, is a treatment that includes an innovative body exfoliation with diamond. Enjoy a beauty treatment or relaxing massage, with a great view of the sea.  arthotelspa_priminmypumps3 arthotelspa_priminmypumps4arthotelspa_priminmypumps2

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