French Croissant Any One ?

The Paris Couture week just started and we are already obsessed with one look. Chanel show cased their first “eco-collection” at the Couture week. The models walked the runway in gowns embellished with raffia, straw and corks against the backdrop of Scandi-inspired doll’s house.

But, what caught everyone’s eye was the ‘croissant’ hair style. Hairstylist Sam Knight, who was the official stylist for the Chanel show, introduced the look on instagram as #CHANELCROISSANT. The look definitely has a striking resemblance to everyone’s favourite French pastry.

This look can be created by parting in the middle, pulling back and rolling the hair under into lady like rolls.

Karl Lagerfeld cited a Picasso sculpture as the inspiration for this look.

We are intrigued to see how this look will inspire 2016? What do you think?!


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